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Posted on 2011.04.09 at 03:50
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Current Music: Happy Birthday - Stevie Wonder
Mom and Dad aren't the only ones with musical talent.

I've been working very hard to get this just right for mom's birthday...I hope she likes it!

Happy 21st Birthday To The Best Human Mom In The Whole World!!



Valentines Day

Posted on 2011.02.14 at 02:45
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I really do not understand humans and holidays. Some holidays are just another date on the calendar while others are a pretty big deal with decorations, presents and sometimes parties that last all day.

Mom and dad give each other presents all the time but when one of those big deal holidays come up things get almost magical around here.

Mr. John and Mr. Dean have been taking turns looking after me, because mom and dad have been working long hours on ‘Breaking Dawn’. Most days they do not get home until well after midnight.

It was 3:30am when mom and dad walked in the door this morning. They were so tired; they went straight to bed without taking their shoes off or telling me goodnight. I thought I would not see either of them awake again until after lunchtime, but I was wrong.

I woke up to the sound of paper rustling, and when I went to see what was going on, I discovered dad standing on a chair wearing red satin pajama bottoms, and a red satin bow tie with white hearts on it. He was hanging strings of red paper hearts from the ceiling. There were candles all over the place, and dad had several tables filled with flowers, boxes of chocolate and cute little stuffed animals.

Dad called a nearby restaurant and ordered a fancy dinner, some wine and a heart shaped cake with strawberries on it. Once the food arrived, dad put on some quiet soft music, lit the candles and went to wake up mom.

The effort dad put into making things special for mom must have paid off, because mom was all smiles and giggles. After dinner, dad gave mom a sparkly round thing to wear on her finger. Mom was very happy, but her eyes did get watery for a while and she could not stop kissing dad.

Mom and dad snuggled together on the couch and fed each other strawberries from on top of the cake. Then mom got up, went over to the closet, and took out a surprise. She had bought matching electric guitars for both her and dad. Dad’s guitar was black with a silver heart on it, and mom’s was white with a red heart on it. There was a heart shaped card attached to dad’s which read “Rob, The most beautiful music in the world is our hearts beating the same rhythm, I’m so happy our hearts will continue that music for the rest of our lives, I love you, Kris.” Dad put his guitar down, and took mom into his arms hugging her tight. Soon they started kissing as they danced slowly in place. They stayed like that for the longest time, and then finally dad blew out the candles, picked up mom, who started to giggle and carried her off to the room with the bed. The door closed, and as always mom and dad stared calling each other God and making lots of funny noises and that was the last I saw of them until the next morning.

One thing I do get is that love is beautiful when it happens between two amazing people like my parents, and that is definitely something to celebrate!


Love & Hugs,

Jella Stewart - Pattinson

Movie Night

Posted on 2011.02.03 at 02:13
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Mom's new movie 'Welcome to the Rileys' came out on DVD, so mom and dad are having movie night tonight.

I don't mind though, because mom and dad have been working so hard, and they deserve time to themselves.

Dad is so excited to see mom portray Mallory again, but I'm not sure why. He asked mom to wear one of her Mallory costumes and sit on his lap, and it's not even Halloween!

Humans can be so funny sometimes!

Mom and dad have started kissing, making funny noises and calling each other God again, so I’m going to go sneak a few pieces of popcorn while I can.

Don't forget to buy mom's movie Welcome to the Rileys now available on DVD and BluRay!

Happy watching,

~Jella Stewart - Pattinson

*Thank-You to Byrd009 for bing part of 'Jella's' voice for this entry*

Don't Let Dumb Awards Razz Your Berries!!

Posted on 2011.01.26 at 18:20
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The other day I heard Mr. John and Mr. Dean talking about something called the Razzie Awards.

I guess mom, dad and their friends from the twilight movies where all chosen to get nine bowls of that funny looking fruit. Mr. John said the only reason the Razzie idiots picked mom and dad was so people will pay attention to their dumb ass awards, otherwise nobody gives a shit.

Mr. Dean said some of the fans are unhappy the Razzie idiots chose mom and dad because they work hard and are very good at what they do. I do not really understand much about awards, but sometimes humans get all dressed up and throw big parties when they get them or give them away.

One person named Mr. Oscar has a huge party every year and gives out awards that look just like him. They must be very special awards, because all the humans who make movies like my parents want them. Mr. Dean said mom and dad will both get awards from Mr. Oscar someday and then all the people who say they are one dimensional, emotionless, terrible actors can eat their words.

Yesterday,  Mr. Alex who works with my parents on the twilight movies was running around the set at lunch time yelling congratulations and giving high fives because they all might get those Razzie Awards. Everyone was laughing, especially mom and dad. Mom said she was jealous because dad was chosen for more Razzie's than her. Dad laughed, and  told mom she looks extra sexy when she's jealous, and then kissed her on her cheeks, neck and mouth. Mr. Alex shouted "Get a room!" and then everyone starting laughing again.

I wonder if my mom will bake some delicious Raspberry pies or if everyone will just throw the Raspberries for Taylor to catch in his mouth. If mom, dad, little MacKenzie and I joined in on the raspberry catching fun, that would really be a sight to see!

Hmm I do love Raspberries, so maybe these Razzie Awards might not be a bad thing after all.

Until next time,

~Jella Stewart - Pattinson


Posted on 2010.12.31 at 20:34
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Posted on 2010.12.24 at 17:44
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I really love the holidays. I always get lots of new kitty toys, catnip and empty boxes to play in. Mom and Dad love the holidays too because they get to spend time with family, friends and each other without having anything work related to worry about.

Grandma Stewart and Grandma Pattinson always hang something called mistletoe over their front doors which seems to make humans who walk under it kiss. Dad just laughs when he sees the mistletoe and says he doesn't need a plant to tell him where to kiss Mom because he can kiss her any place he wants.

Trees are brought inside and covered with colored balls, lights and other shiny stuff during this time of year and I still don't understand why Mom, Dad and the rest of the family get so upset whenever I climb in them to check things out.

I like sneaking sips of Grandpa Pattinson's Egg Nog Kahlua and Grandpa Stewart's Red Hot Chocolate but those always make the room spin around in circles and get my tummy sick so this year I'm going to try some of Dad's Hard Rocker Cider and Mom's Candy Cane Swirl instead.

I really love the holidays because it's a time for family, friends, giving, laughter, music, singing, food, fun, love and warm fuzzy feelings.

I hope you will have all of that and more this holiday

Peace, Love & Blessings,
~Jella Stewart-Pattinson

Here I am in my ridiculous holiday get up.

Some presents I got for Mom and Dad.

Here I am just chillin under the tree.


Egg Nog Kahlua -
Ingredients you need: 1 oz. Kahlua® 4 Eggnog Nutmeg

How to make a Egg Nog Kahlua: Mix kahlua with eggnog in a wineglass and then sprinkle some nutmeg on top.

Type of drink Cocktail Recommended glass: Highball Glass

Red Hot Chocolate -
Ingredients you need; 1 oz. Campari 2 oz. Brandy 3 oz. Milk 0.5 oz. (optional) Heavy Cream 2 tablespoons Chocolate Chips

How to make a Red Hot Chocolate: Put milk, cream & chocolate in a milk frothing cup used for espresso. Froth milk as you would for cappuccino. When milk is hot remove frothing wand and whisk or stir vigorously until chocolate is completely melted. Add Campari and Brandy. Pour into heat-resistant cup. Can be garnished with 1 large hand-cut marshmallow or a red peppermint stick.

Originally served at 116 Crown in New Haven, CT, created by mixologist John Ginnetti

Type of drink Cocktail Recommended glass: Irish Coffee Cup

Hard Rocker Cider -
Ingredients you need: 1 cup Cabo Wabo Reposado Tequila 4 cups Apple Cider 1 cup Cranberry juice ¼ cup Orange Liqueur 1 teaspoon Nutmeg cinnamon stick

How to make a Hard Rocker Cider: In a pot or crockpot, heat and stir cider, cranberry juice cocktail, and nutmeg on low just until hot for 2 hours. Do not boil. When ready to serve, turn on high for 10 minutes and stir in tequila and liqueur. Garnish with a cinnamon stick.

Servings: 6 type of drink Cocktail Recommended glass: Hurricane Glass

Candy Cane Swirl -
Ingredients you need: 1 oz. SKYY® Infusions Raspberry 3 oz. Red Cranberry juice 0.5 oz. Grenadine 0.5 oz. Peppermint Schnapps Lemon Lime soda

How to make a Candy Cane Swirl: Rim martini glass with crushed candy cane. Combine SKYY Vodka, Peppermint Schnapps, Cranberry Juice and Grenadine into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into martini glass. Top with Lemon Lime Soda and garnish with small peppermint candy cane.

The Candy Cane Swirl is designed to add a simple, yet festive element to your larger holiday parties, utilizing familiar ingredients easily mixed in larger quantities. A vibrant red cocktail with a whimsical candy cane garnish, the Candy Cane Swirl is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Type of drink Cocktail Recommended glass: Cocktail Glass

Eu te amo Brasil

Posted on 2010.11.27 at 17:47
Current Location: Having the time of my life
Current Mood: happyhappy
You all know my Mom and Dad were in Brazil to film some scenes for 'The Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn', but what you didn't know is I was there too.

I arrived in Brazil a few days after Mom and Dad and was happy to see Mr. John  when he picked me up at the airport.

While Mom and Dad were filming the street scene in Lapa I was supposed to stay by Mr. John because there were lots of extra people around and even a smart cat like me could very easily get lost or stepped on. I love Mr. John but I was a little upset because I wanted to be with Mom and Dad. I tried to be good, I really, really did but as soon as I spotted Mom and Dad standing in the middle of the street all cuddled together and kissing I bolted away from Mr. John to be with them. I don't think that dude Mr. Bill was very happy that I decided to join my parents or sit and watch them because he yelled "CUT!!" "Where did that damn cat come from?!" Mom and Dad explained that I belong to them, promised I wouldn't be ruining anymore takes and after scolding me and giving me a quick hug sent me back to sit on the sidelines with Mr. John.

The next day we took a helicopter and then a boat to a place called Paraty and I have to say it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

Paraty (or Parati) [pronounced Par-a-CHEE] is a preserved Portuguese colonial (1500-1822 and Brazilian Imperial (1822-1889) town. It is located on the Costa Verde (Green Coast), a lush, green corridor that runs along the coastline of the state of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.


The town is located on the Bay of Ilha Grande, which is dotted with many tropical islands. Rising up as high as 1,300 meters behind the town are tropical forests, mountains, and waterfalls. It is the southernmost and westernmost city in Rio de Janeiro state.

Paraty is surrounded by many parks and nature preserves, including Serra da Bocaina National Park, Serra do Mar State Park (of São Paulo), the Park Reserve of Joatinga and the Cairuçu Environmental Protection Area, where the village of Trindade is located. The municipality also includes an indigenous village and an Afro-Brazilian quilombo.

Paraty is known for the cobblestone-paved streets throughout the Historic Center District. No cars or trucks are allowed in this part of town, only foot traffic or bicycles. Motor vehicles are only allowed in the Historic District on Wednesdays for deliveries. Horses and carts are a very common sight in Paraty and are frequently used all around the city.

Paraty has been able to maintain many of its historic buildings. Much of the architecture of the city has not changed for 250 years or more.

After the discovery of the world's richest gold mines in 1696 in the mountains of Minas Gerais, Paraty became an export port for gold to Rio de Janeiro and from there on to Portugal. The ensuing gold rush led to the construction of the "Caminho do Ouro" or "Gold Trail", a 1200 kilometer road, paved in steep areas with large stones, which connected Paraty to Diamantina via Ouro Preto and Tiradentes. Not only was it used to transport gold to Paraty, but it was also used to convey supplies, miners and African slaves by mule train over the mountains to and from the gold mining areas. Two substantial sections of the Caminho do Ouro have been excavated near Paraty and are now a popular tourist destination for hiking.

Here I am on the "Gold Trail" resting while I wait for Mom, Dad and Mr. John to catch up. Mr. Dean took the picture. The other security dude who I call Mr. BakDaFukUp because he's always saying that to people who try to get close to my parents especially my Mom had the day off because he ate some food that didn't agree with him.

There are four important historic baroque churches in Paraty we visited Capela de Santa Rita which is the oldest church in Paraty. It was completed in 1722. This was the church of the white elite and freeman, former slaves. It is currently home to the Museum of Sacred Art.

We also visited Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Penha (Church of Our Lady of the Rock)

This church is unique because it's built on top of a huge boulder in the small hamlet of Penha, just outside Paraty. The church is located directly across from the Tourist Information Center at the trail-head of the Caminho do Ouro and is a beautiful sight to see.

There are two colonial forts in Paraty and also many colorful, colonial houses (refurbished in most cases), many of which have been transformed into shops, pousadas (Brazilian bed and breakfasts), restaurants and bars.

Paraty is also home to a unique phenomenon. Once a month when there is a Full Moon and the tide is high, seawater rises from its normal levels, and pours into the Historic Center District through special openings in the seawalls that separate the city from the harbor. The streets are only flooded for a short time, until the tide recedes. The water is usually only six to ten inches deep and a few merchants near the seawall put out small bridges to span the flooded streets for the benefit of pedestrians.

The place Mom, Dad and I stayed at was very nice. At night Mom and Dad usually played their guitars and sang together or Dad would play the piano and sing love songs to Mom that he wrote especially for her. I don't know what it was about Brazil but Mom and Dad spent more time in the room with the bed in it than ever before. Sometimes they got so loud yelling each others names, calling each other God and saying how much they love each other with strange deep voices like they couldn't breathe that I had to hide in a dresser drawer so I could sleep.

Every morning while Mom and Dad took long showers together I enjoyed my own bath in the fancy kitchen sink.

One day Mom and Dad got to feed dolphins and swim with them. I just watched because of some stupid dumb ass rule about no pets being allowed. Mom and Dad had an awesome time and it was funny because after spending a few minutes with my parents the dolphins started acting all lovey dovey and smoochy, smoochy just like them.




Mom and Dad filmed a waterfall scene and I helped out by climbing a tree and watching out for any fans or paparazzi trying to get on set. The waterfall looked like a fun place and I really wanted to play in it with Mom and Dad so during one of their breaks I begged them to let me join them but Dad said Mr. Bill wouldn't like that at all. I gave Mom and Dad my best pouty cat face so they promised once filming was done they'd let me check it out.

The waterfall was nice but I really had a blast when Mom, Dad and I went swimming. Dad and I liked jumping into the water making big splashes while Mom laughed at the funny faces we made. Dad threw Mom's bathing suit top on the deck and after that my parents spent the rest of our swimming time cuddling, kissing and dunking each other under the water. 

One of our last days in Brazil Mom and Dad filmed some scenes on the sand with a blanket, chess pieces and lots of kissing. Later they filmed a scene in a room with a bed. It looked like they were doing what they always do whenever they're in a room with a bed but this time there were lots of feathers flying around. My curiosity got the best of me and then Mr. Bill yelled "CUT!!" and got upset with me again.

I spent the rest of the day chillin with Mr. John who kept me happy by rubbing my belly, scratching behind my ears and spoiling me with cat treats.

Even though Mom and Dad went to Brazil for work I think they shared some of the best moments of their lives together there. I know for sure they were very, very happy and so was I.

Eu te amo Brasil (I Love You Brazil) Thank-You!!

Until next time,

*Special Thanks to those who contributed or helped with photos*

Welcome To The Rileys

Posted on 2010.10.26 at 20:52
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Mom and Dad are busy with preparations for the start of 'Breaking Dawn' and I'm hanging out at home with the nice little grandma type lady.

Mom has also been busy doing press and attending a screening in New York for her latest film hitting theaters on October 29th 'Welcome to the Rileys.'

Mom is very excited about 'Welcome to the Rileys' and so are her fans from all over the world.

One fan site called
'Welcome To The Rileys Saturday' recently had a pumpkin carving & decorating contest to help promote the movie.

The nice little grandma type lady was taking a nap and since the lawn service guys still haven't picked up their chain saws I decided to take a shot at carving & decorating a pumpkin myself.

I think it turned out pretty good, don't you?


Please see 'Welcome to the Rileys' as many times as you can opening weekend if it's in your city & Tell your friends to do it too!

The entire cast and crew worked hard to make 'Welcome to the Rileys' an amazing, beautifully done, MUST SEE FILM!!

Thanks for supporting Mom, Dad and the movies that they make.

Until next time - "Live simply, Love generously, Care Deeply & Speak Kindly"



Posted on 2010.10.08 at 04:16
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Yesterday Mom had business to take care of so Dad, Uncle Tom and I chilled at home while she was gone.

Grandma Stew stopped by to drop off some pumpkins and Halloween decorations for the party Mom and Dad are hosting at our house before they have to leave to start filming Breaking Dawn.

Dad and Uncle Tom ordered pizza and spent most of the afternoon watching scary movies and making a list of costume ideas for the party. Uncle Tom said that Dad and Mom should dress as vampires to which Dad replied, “Absofuckinglutely no way in hell!” Uncle Tom laughed and said, “Alright then, what about those plug and socket costumes?” “Bloody perfect for the two of you, don’t you think?” Dad got a huge smile on his face, and wrote the suggested idea down on his list. I moved from my spot on the back of the sofa onto Dad’s lap and purred loudly as he scratched behind my ears and said, “What costume shall we get for you, Jella?”

The thought of being dressed up in some ridiculous get up makes me want to puke up a hairball the size of a watermelon, but since I love Dad, Mom and Uncle Tom so much I am willing to accept the humiliation and let them have their fun.

As soon as they completed their lists and finished watching ‘30 Days Of Night’; Dad stepped out on the back deck to have a smoke and text Mom to confirm their plans for dinner later in the evening.

Uncle Tom and I walked around to the side of the house and checked out the pumpkins Grandma Stew had brought over. We also discovered the lawn service people forgot to put the small chain saws they used to trim some branches that were hanging low and scraping up against the windows back in their truck before leaving.

Uncle Tom stood there for a while looking back and forth between the pumpkins and the chain saws and then finally said “Hey Rob, I think it might be quite fun to carve the pumpkins in a non traditional way.” “Whaddya say we give these chain saws a go mate?”

Dad thought it was a brilliant idea and in the blink of an eye; he and Uncle Tom were standing over the pumpkins with chain saws in hand.

I did not know whether to stay and watch or run and hide but I suddenly felt relieved when big drops of rain began hitting my nose.

“Stupid bloody rain!” Dad yelled. ‘Always fucking up the best of plans!”

Uncle Tom laughed, but agreed with Dad as they both stood with disappointed little boy looks on their faces.

The rain started pouring down harder so Dad and Uncle Tom hurried to get back inside the house. Just as Uncle Tom was about to close the sliding door, Dad decided they could still have their pumpkin carving fun as planned; they would just put garbage bags on the kitchen floor and do it there instead.

At first Uncle Tom was apprehensive but once Dad convinced him that there would be very little mess as long as they paid close attention to what they were doing and stayed on the garbage bags, he was excited again and ready to get started.

Dad and Uncle Tom set everything up and started up the chain saws. This time I did not even need to think about staying to watch or running to hide. I ran as fast I could and dove under the bed because I knew this was not going to turn out well at all.

When I could no longer hear the sound of the chain saws, I decided to come out of hiding and check things out.

Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw next. There in the middle of the kitchen floor sat Dad and Uncle Tom covered in pumpkin from head to toe.

The kitchen was covered in pumpkin as well. There was pumpkin on the counters, on the windows, on the appliances, on the cupboards, on the table, on the chairs, and even hanging from the ceiling fan. Everyplace I looked all I could see was pumpkin!! Those pumpkins did not get carved they were slaughtered!!

I stood there in total shock and shuddered at the thought of what would happen when Mom came home.

A few minutes later, I heard the front door open and Mom’s sweet voice call out to Dad.

As I was scrambling to get back under the bed to hide, I could hear Mom yell ‘What the fuck!”

“Rob!”, “Tom!”; “What the hell were you two thinking?”

‘Seriously, this is fucking unbelievable!!”

“Which one of you came up with this bright idea?”

Dad pointed at Uncle Tom, Uncle Tom pointed at Dad and before Mom could say anything else a big glob of pumpkin fell from the ceiling fan and landed on her head, which sent all three of them into hysterical fits of laughter.

Dad got up and started cleaning the pumpkin mess out of Mom’s hair. When he was down to the last few pumpkin seeds, he flashed a sweet, but serious grin and said, “Think we can save any of this mess so you can make pies love?”

Mom looked at Dad’s puppy dog face, giggled, threw her arms around his neck, pulled him closer and gave him a long, loving kiss. “You’re still in trouble mister“, she said as she giggled and kissed him again.

Today the kitchen is clean and pumpkin free, the heavenly scent of freshly baked pie is lingering in the air, the house is adorned with spooktacular decorations, the Halloween costumes have been purchased, new pumpkins have been carved the traditional way, and like Shakespeare said, “ All’s well that ends well.”

Here I am with the pumpkin Mom carved.

Here I am trying to look spooky.

Here I am wearing my Halloween get up.

Peace & Love,


Posted on 2010.09.24 at 02:04
Current Location: London
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Dad was going to London to visit family and friends before filming of 'Breaking Dawn' starts and Mom was heading to another location for 'On The Road.' I was supposed to take another airplane trip by myself to go back home to Los Angeles, but let's just say things didn't happen as planned.

After Mom helped Dad pack all of his stuff she put some snacks, and one of her t-shirts inside his carry on backpack. Then it was time for her to put me in my kitty crate, so Mr. John could take me to the airport. Mom got one of my favorite toys, and tried to get me to come close to her. Mom's idea was to grab me, as soon as I was close enough for her to do so, but I knew that trick and I wasn't about to fall for it again. Soon Mom was chasing me around the hotel room and just as she was about to catch me, I leaped up onto Dad and clung to him for dear life!!

After a short discussion, it was decided that I would make the trip to London with Dad.

Grandpa Pattz picked Dad and I up at the airport.The three of us piled into his truck and merged onto the highway.This was quite the task as traffic was bumper to bumper.

When we finally got to the house Grandma Pattz gave Dad a big hug, and then she let me out of my kitty crate. It felt good to be free again, and I immediately started to explore my surroundings.

Grandpa and Grandma Pattz have made many visits to our house in California, but this was my first time visiting with them at their house in London. The house smelled good and everything was set up and decorated nicely. Grandma Pattz remembered that I like to drink from the faucet so she turned it to a slow drip, and then showed me the litter box they had set up in the corner of the laundry room.

Dad said he was down right knackered, so he was going to call Mom and then have a bit of a nap.

Grandpa said " Tell that sweet, beautiful girl of yours hello, and we can't wait to see her again!"

While Dad napped, Grandpa Pattz and I went for a walk. We took the brolly just in case it started to rain. Soon we were both feeling a bit pekish, so we stopped at a little out of the way pub for some sardines & crackers.

After our little snack at the pub we went to a nearby park where lots of children were running around playing. Grandpa said the entire Pattz family was looking forward to the day Dad and Mom had a little one of their own, especially Dad's Nan who would be absolutely over the moon when that happened.

As we made our way back to the house, Grandpa and I shared an ice lolly while he told me stories about Dad when he was younger.

Dad was still asleep, and Grandma was busy vacuuming the floor where I had knocked over one of her large potted plants while jumping onto the window sill. Grandpa said it was best for us to stay out of the way, so we settled in the family room to have a look at the telly.

Soon I decided it was time for Dad's nap to be over so I jumped up on the sofa and gently nuzzled his chin while purring loudly. That didn't do anything so I batted at his hair, nipped his ear, and put my bum in his face. Dad didn't even flinch. I was getting frustrated, and I think Grandma could tell because she went and got her feather duster, and started tickling Dad's nose and feet with it. Dad yelled "Naff off, Jella!" and Grandma and Grandpa both started laughing as hard as they could.

After Dad came out of the loo, he asked if I had been behaving myself. Grandpa told him I was quite lively, but we'd had a wonderful afternoon together.

For dinner Grandma made bangers and mash and I was pleasantly surprised when I was given my own little plate of it to enjoy. I think I could really get used to life in London with the Pattz side of our family.

Grandpa cleared the table while Dad stepped out on the patio to have a smoke and call Mom again. I could hear Dad telling Mom we were both doing fine. Like always Dad and Mom talked for a long time, and  then he changed his voice the way he always does right before he and Mom end up in the room with the bed in it and said "God, I miss you Love!" "I'll be ready for you, as soon as you step of the plane!"

Grandpa raised his eyebrow, and shut the patio door saying "No need for us to be hearing all that love talk, right mate?" Then he scooped me up and headed back to the family room.

I snuggled down on Grandma's lap while she looked at catalogs and put pen marks by items she thought would make good Christmas gifts. Dad played the piano, while Grandpa sent text messages to Aunt Lizzy who was out of down for a gig, and Aunt Victoria who was out of town on business.

The rest of the evening was quiet.....well at least until Dad, Grandpa and I were hit by the wrath of eating bangers and mash.

Grandma looked up from her catalog and said "Who's guffed?"

Dad and Grandpa both looked at me and said "You floating air biscuits over there, Jella?"

Grandma laughed, and told them putting all the blame on me wasn't going to work, and maybe all three of us, should go sit outdoors in the garden for a bit.

The night air was cool, and the sky was filled with those tiny little lights that Mom and Dad love to look at when they take their nightly walks along the beach back home. Dad pulled out his phone to call Mom for the last time before bed, and when she answered he said "The stars are beautiful tonight babe, they remind me of you." "Jella, and I miss you already!" "Hope filming goes well tomorrow!" "I love you so much!"

When Dad hung up, Grandpa smiled, patted him on the shoulder and said "She really is wonderful, that girl of yours!" Dad smiled, nodded, and said "That she is, and I'm the luckiest bloke in the world to have her!" Then Dad picked me up, patted my head, hugged me close and said " I'm lucky to have you to, Jella!"

Dad, Grandpa and I stayed outdoors until the morning sun began to rise. Dad and Grandpa talked about balancing work and family, while I slept on Dad's lap dreaming about possible future adventures. I'm glad I came to London with Dad, and I'm proud to call it my second home.

Until next time,

(**For some things in London they use different words than we do in the United states. I was excited to learn some of them and use them for you in this musing**)

knackered = exhausted / tired
brolly = umbrella
pekish = hungry
over the moon = elated / very happy / excited
ice lolly = Popsicle
naff off = go away
loo = toilet
bangers & mash = sausage & mashed potatoes
guffed = farted
float an air biscuit = fart/ farted/ farting
telly = TV
pub = bar / eatery
= butt


Posted on 2010.09.17 at 00:22
Current Location: With Mom and Dad
Current Mood: lovedloved
You know in those 'Twilight' movies how that vampire dude Edward who my dad plays, sparkles in the sun light? Well, I sparkle in the sunlight too.

It's true,The coat of a Bengal cat tends to be patterned in exotic spots or marbles and sometimes includes “glitter” that sparkles in sunlight.

Glitter or glittered:

A trait unique to the bengal breed that causes the hair to sparkle like a prism. In brown bengals the glitter is a gold color and in snow or charcoal bengals the glitter appears crystalline or silver. It is most easily seen in bright natural sunlight. Some glitter comes from the hair shaft being hollow at the ends and some comes from actual flakes of the mineral "mica" being encased in the hair shaft. The picture below shows a cat like me, who is glittered. This is an actual picture of his glitter and the photo is not touched up in any way.


They use use special effects on Dad, so the vampire dude Edward can sparkle, but I don't need special effects isn't that cool?

I guess it's safe to say that my mom has always been destined to love 'boys that sparkle.'

Keep smiling,


Posted on 2010.09.15 at 23:03
Current Location: The Big Easy
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Mom is still busy filming the movie called 'On The Road.' When Dad and I, are not hanging out on the set, we keep busy by checking out all the cool sights, sounds and foods the 'Big Easy' has to offer.

Here's a few pictures of me on the set -

Monday we took a boat ride on the river -

When we were done, Dad and I walked along the edge of the river bank exploring -

I saw something moving in the water, but it wasn't a fish -

It swam away when I showed it my best " I'll bite your tail off" face -

Tuesday morning, Mr. John took Dad and I to Petco, because I needed more food, cat litter, and of course a new toy -

Here I am with my new toy -

Then we went to a park, where Dad and I took turns going down the slide -

After the park we checked out a bunch of the little shops, and Dad bought Mom some awesome key chains and a cute Teddy Bear -

We ended our day, by going to a little restaurant, where we enjoyed Jambalaya, Boiled Craw fish, and Beignets. I got so full that I ended up taking a nap, while Dad and Mr. John had some drinks, and played pool.

Here I am sleeping at our table with Mom's new Teddy Bear -

Today Dad let me eat lunchables off of his feet, because he thinks it's funny -

While Dad was in the shower, I found the thing that holds the paper he uses to buy things with, lying on the bed. Those pieces of paper, sure are fun to play with, and they have a lot of different smells on them too.

After Dad finished his shower, and put all his paper back into the holder thing, we played guitar, spent some time exercising, talked to Mom on the phone, and then went for a swim in the pool.

This afternoon, while Dad and I were waiting for Mom to finish filming for the day,we visited a toy store and had a surprisingly good time playing with the Barbie dolls, and the doll house.

This evening Mom, Dad and I played outside. This was a good idea, because Dad and I ate lots of Red Beans & Rice for lunch,  and poor Mom might pass out from our nasty stink bombs if we were staying indoors. 

Tomorrow Dad and I are going to ride on this -

The 'Big Easy' is so awesome that I can't even begin describe it. I really love it , and have especially enjoyed all the things Dad and I have been able to do together here.

I am a lucky cat, because I get to travel all over the world, and experience so many wonderful sights, sounds, smells and activities. It's always fun meeting new people, trying new foods, learning new languages, and adding new cat toys to my collection from each place I visit. I am thankful for each and every adventure, 
 but at the end of the day, no matter where I am, my most favorite activity is always going to be snuggling up to Mom, because she is the best, she makes me happy, she makes me feel safe, she makes me proud that's she's mine, and Dad and I love her more than anything else in the world.

Peace, Love & Happiness,


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Current Location: The Big Easy
Current Mood: worriedworried
On Friday, Grandma Jules took me to the place, where all the airplanes live.

When we got there, she put me in my kitty crate, patted my head, told me to be good and then handed me off to a nice police man type dude, who put me in a very special room on the plane called ‘Cargo’.
This was my first time taking a plane trip by myself, and I was nervous and excited at the same time.

I think the little pill Grandma Jules made me swallow, must have sent me of to the land of dreams, because the next thing I knew, the familiar voice of Mr. John said “Welcome to the ‘Big Easy’, Jella.”

Mr. John took me to my parents, and I was especially happy to see Mom, because the last time I saw her was over three weeks ago. Mom snuggled with me on the sofa in the fancy hotel room, while Dad played the guitar and sang a new song he wrote for her.

Late this morning, Mom and Dad were still asleep, probably because they spent all night rolling around on the bed, kissing, calling each other God, and making noises like they were in pain. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the strange ways humans play with each other.

I was wide awake, and wanted to play so I started to nibble on Mom’s ear and bat at her hair. Mom didn’t want to play and pushed me off the bed. Dad’s hand was hanging off the bed, so I started batting at his fingers but he didn’t want to play either, and moved his hand under the pillow out of my reach.

I continued with my quest to get Mom and Dad to play with me, by attacking their feet every time they moved them under the covers. Mom and Dad just kept pushing me off the bed, rolling over, and trying to ignore me. They had tossed and turned so much that all the covers ended up in a heap on the floor.

I played in the mountain of bedding until something else caught my eye. Dad was lying on his back and there it was, this funny looking dangly thing near the lower part of his stomach, and between his legs. I wasn’t sure if it was a new cat toy that I had somehow missed, but it looked interesting enough, and I knew I just had to check it out. I crouched down, waited for the perfect moment, extended my claws, and then pounced on it with all my might.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard Dad yell that loud before, or say so many cuss words in one breath. Dad threatened to send me back home, so now Mom has me staying with Uncle Tom and Uncle Sam in their hotel room. They are great guys, and it's always fun to hang out with them.

Tonight Mom and Dad didn’t go out to dinner with everyone else, they said they were staying in, and didn’t want to be disturbed. Uncle Tom and Uncle Sam told Mom and Dad they understood, and were cool with entertaining themselves for the night. I heard Uncle Tom laugh, as he and Uncle Sam talked about the plans they had come up with.

Uncle Sam called the front desk, and told them Mom and Dad needed more towels in their room. Uncle Tom ordered 50 pizzas, and had them delivered to Mom and Dad’s room. Uncle Sam knocked on Mom and Dad’s door, and then ran away as fast as he could. Uncle Tom called Mom and Dad’s room three different times, and hung up as soon as one of them would answer.

Finally, Uncle Sam, and Uncle Tom pulled the fire alarm, and stood there laughing as Mom and Dad ran out into the hallway wrapped in the towels that had been delivered earlier.

Mom and Dad were not amused, and hopefully they’ll get over being upset with Uncle Tom and Uncle Sam by morning, otherwise the three of us might end up with one way plane tickets, to wherever Mom and Dad decide to send us.

Wish me luck,


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Current Location: chillin with the little grandma type lady
Current Mood: awakeawake
This morning Dad called to check in with the little grandma type lady. She told him everything is just fine, and that I've been no trouble at all. Dad told her to hold the phone by my ear, and when she did he said " Hey, Jella I miss you mate." " Tom, Sam and I have had quite the adventure on our way to see your mum." " I'm sorry you couldn't come with us this time, but I bought you a new cat toy in Santa Fe, and another in Houston to make it up to you." Then he said for me to be good, and that him and Mom would see me soon.

I really miss my parents.  I miss Dad playing the guitar and singing. I miss Mom making the house smell good with freshly baked pies, and giggling when Dad comes up behind her to kiss her on the neck. I miss all of us snuggling together on the sofa, and I miss Mom and Dad taking turns reading to each other from their favorite books.

The little grandma type lady likes to read, and sometimes she reads out loud because it helps her step inside the story, at least  that's what she says, even though I've never seen a human go into a book and then come back out.

Tonight she got out Mom's copy of Breaking Dawn and read through quite a few chapters, before we both fell asleep. It wasn't long after, and I was off in the land of dreams. Mom was laying on a table as a fountain of blood spouted from her mouth. Dad ripped her tummy open with his teeth and pulled out a female creature that had a human's body, a cat's head and huge sharp teeth.

Mom started crying happy tears and said " Look Jella, your sister is beautiful just like you." Then Dad placed the creature in mom's arms and it bit a small chunk of mom's chest right off.

Dad flung the creature across the room away from Mom, but it got up super fast and came back to bite some more. The creature bit me, it bit Dad, and it even bit the nice little grandma type lady.

Finally Dad gave the creature two hot pockets, a cold beer, Flamin Hot Cheetos and some cat nip which seemed to make it very happy. Dad told Jake who is part dog, part shark and part human to take the creature away, make some sort of print on her and never come back. Jake agreed, but said he'd like to make a print on me too. He was looking at me funny and seemed to enjoy petting my ass.

Jake made me very uncomfortable so I tried to run and hide under the sofa, but he caught me, kissed my nose, and told me I had amazingly beautiful eyes for a cat.

Suddenly Mom said she was hungry and started to chase the little grandma type lady around the room. Dad stopped her and said " No, love you can only eat animals, remember?" Then Mom looked at me, smiled and came towards me licking her lips. Dad grabbed me, and the freak baby with huge teeth, plopped us into Jake's arms, and shoved us out the door. 

I woke up to the sound of the little grandma type lady laughing at something funny on TV. I jumped back up onto her lap, and allowed myself to relax, forget about the freak baby, forget about the strange dude named Jake, and forget about my mom wanting to eat me.

I know it was just a horrible dream, but I definitely won't be putting up a fuss , if I can't stay with Mom and Dad while they're filming 'Breaking Dawn.' I've also decided they can take all the time in the world, with bringing home a human sibling as well.

Until next time,

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