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Posted on 2010.09.12 at 00:52
Current Location: The Big Easy
Current Mood: worriedworried
On Friday, Grandma Jules took me to the place, where all the airplanes live.

When we got there, she put me in my kitty crate, patted my head, told me to be good and then handed me off to a nice police man type dude, who put me in a very special room on the plane called ‘Cargo’.
This was my first time taking a plane trip by myself, and I was nervous and excited at the same time.

I think the little pill Grandma Jules made me swallow, must have sent me of to the land of dreams, because the next thing I knew, the familiar voice of Mr. John said “Welcome to the ‘Big Easy’, Jella.”

Mr. John took me to my parents, and I was especially happy to see Mom, because the last time I saw her was over three weeks ago. Mom snuggled with me on the sofa in the fancy hotel room, while Dad played the guitar and sang a new song he wrote for her.

Late this morning, Mom and Dad were still asleep, probably because they spent all night rolling around on the bed, kissing, calling each other God, and making noises like they were in pain. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the strange ways humans play with each other.

I was wide awake, and wanted to play so I started to nibble on Mom’s ear and bat at her hair. Mom didn’t want to play and pushed me off the bed. Dad’s hand was hanging off the bed, so I started batting at his fingers but he didn’t want to play either, and moved his hand under the pillow out of my reach.

I continued with my quest to get Mom and Dad to play with me, by attacking their feet every time they moved them under the covers. Mom and Dad just kept pushing me off the bed, rolling over, and trying to ignore me. They had tossed and turned so much that all the covers ended up in a heap on the floor.

I played in the mountain of bedding until something else caught my eye. Dad was lying on his back and there it was, this funny looking dangly thing near the lower part of his stomach, and between his legs. I wasn’t sure if it was a new cat toy that I had somehow missed, but it looked interesting enough, and I knew I just had to check it out. I crouched down, waited for the perfect moment, extended my claws, and then pounced on it with all my might.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard Dad yell that loud before, or say so many cuss words in one breath. Dad threatened to send me back home, so now Mom has me staying with Uncle Tom and Uncle Sam in their hotel room. They are great guys, and it's always fun to hang out with them.

Tonight Mom and Dad didn’t go out to dinner with everyone else, they said they were staying in, and didn’t want to be disturbed. Uncle Tom and Uncle Sam told Mom and Dad they understood, and were cool with entertaining themselves for the night. I heard Uncle Tom laugh, as he and Uncle Sam talked about the plans they had come up with.

Uncle Sam called the front desk, and told them Mom and Dad needed more towels in their room. Uncle Tom ordered 50 pizzas, and had them delivered to Mom and Dad’s room. Uncle Sam knocked on Mom and Dad’s door, and then ran away as fast as he could. Uncle Tom called Mom and Dad’s room three different times, and hung up as soon as one of them would answer.

Finally, Uncle Sam, and Uncle Tom pulled the fire alarm, and stood there laughing as Mom and Dad ran out into the hallway wrapped in the towels that had been delivered earlier.

Mom and Dad were not amused, and hopefully they’ll get over being upset with Uncle Tom and Uncle Sam by morning, otherwise the three of us might end up with one way plane tickets, to wherever Mom and Dad decide to send us.

Wish me luck,


Francesca Stewart-Pattinson
abitsaucy at 2010-09-12 06:57 (UTC) (Link)
I recently discovered your blog and I love you Jella! You're the most awesome cat ever. Your description of the strange ways us humans play together was priceless!
windmuse09 at 2010-09-12 08:43 (UTC) (Link)
With a frisky cat like Jella around, you'd think that Rob would have learnt to always keep an eye on the claws by now, and not to flaunt his family jewels when the kitty's in the mood to have some fun...hehehehe
saphire1231 at 2010-09-12 12:41 (UTC) (Link)

Big Easy Fun

Now that was some funny shit! I laughed till I had tears rolling down my face and all my family wanted to know what was so funny... Well done.
odaleia at 2010-09-12 13:13 (UTC) (Link)
I just wanna tell that i love your blog.
ext_255011 at 2010-09-12 15:46 (UTC) (Link)

You make me happy

Jella, I look for your musing every day. You are so brilliant and witty for a cat. You always make me smile. Thank you so much.
camilah_alves at 2010-09-12 16:20 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, I love your blog so fucking much!
"they spent all night rolling around on the bed, kissing, calling each other God, and making noises like they were in pain." <- This kills me. LOLLL

Jella, you're awesome !
I look for your musing every day, too. It's one of the best things on here !

darienkiire at 2010-09-12 19:52 (UTC) (Link)
this blog rocks! hahahaha
goldensym at 2010-09-12 23:30 (UTC) (Link)
Oh my goooooodness. I'm in pain from laughing so hard. I love your perspective like a 3 year old kid, and they way you described your parents. lmao. i look forward to reading your musings everyday jella!
readwritelove at 2010-09-13 00:15 (UTC) (Link)
bethllem at 2010-09-13 16:04 (UTC) (Link)
OMG Jella! Have I told you how much I love you? You're the coolest cat ever!!
hluvsdogs at 2010-09-26 02:16 (UTC) (Link)


I was behind on the musings... this was hystarical!
I love this blog and Jella!
pizkjoy at 2013-02-17 04:59 (UTC) (Link)
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