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Posted on 2010.09.24 at 02:04
Current Location: London
Current Mood: lovedloved
Dad was going to London to visit family and friends before filming of 'Breaking Dawn' starts and Mom was heading to another location for 'On The Road.' I was supposed to take another airplane trip by myself to go back home to Los Angeles, but let's just say things didn't happen as planned.

After Mom helped Dad pack all of his stuff she put some snacks, and one of her t-shirts inside his carry on backpack. Then it was time for her to put me in my kitty crate, so Mr. John could take me to the airport. Mom got one of my favorite toys, and tried to get me to come close to her. Mom's idea was to grab me, as soon as I was close enough for her to do so, but I knew that trick and I wasn't about to fall for it again. Soon Mom was chasing me around the hotel room and just as she was about to catch me, I leaped up onto Dad and clung to him for dear life!!

After a short discussion, it was decided that I would make the trip to London with Dad.

Grandpa Pattz picked Dad and I up at the airport.The three of us piled into his truck and merged onto the highway.This was quite the task as traffic was bumper to bumper.

When we finally got to the house Grandma Pattz gave Dad a big hug, and then she let me out of my kitty crate. It felt good to be free again, and I immediately started to explore my surroundings.

Grandpa and Grandma Pattz have made many visits to our house in California, but this was my first time visiting with them at their house in London. The house smelled good and everything was set up and decorated nicely. Grandma Pattz remembered that I like to drink from the faucet so she turned it to a slow drip, and then showed me the litter box they had set up in the corner of the laundry room.

Dad said he was down right knackered, so he was going to call Mom and then have a bit of a nap.

Grandpa said " Tell that sweet, beautiful girl of yours hello, and we can't wait to see her again!"

While Dad napped, Grandpa Pattz and I went for a walk. We took the brolly just in case it started to rain. Soon we were both feeling a bit pekish, so we stopped at a little out of the way pub for some sardines & crackers.

After our little snack at the pub we went to a nearby park where lots of children were running around playing. Grandpa said the entire Pattz family was looking forward to the day Dad and Mom had a little one of their own, especially Dad's Nan who would be absolutely over the moon when that happened.

As we made our way back to the house, Grandpa and I shared an ice lolly while he told me stories about Dad when he was younger.

Dad was still asleep, and Grandma was busy vacuuming the floor where I had knocked over one of her large potted plants while jumping onto the window sill. Grandpa said it was best for us to stay out of the way, so we settled in the family room to have a look at the telly.

Soon I decided it was time for Dad's nap to be over so I jumped up on the sofa and gently nuzzled his chin while purring loudly. That didn't do anything so I batted at his hair, nipped his ear, and put my bum in his face. Dad didn't even flinch. I was getting frustrated, and I think Grandma could tell because she went and got her feather duster, and started tickling Dad's nose and feet with it. Dad yelled "Naff off, Jella!" and Grandma and Grandpa both started laughing as hard as they could.

After Dad came out of the loo, he asked if I had been behaving myself. Grandpa told him I was quite lively, but we'd had a wonderful afternoon together.

For dinner Grandma made bangers and mash and I was pleasantly surprised when I was given my own little plate of it to enjoy. I think I could really get used to life in London with the Pattz side of our family.

Grandpa cleared the table while Dad stepped out on the patio to have a smoke and call Mom again. I could hear Dad telling Mom we were both doing fine. Like always Dad and Mom talked for a long time, and  then he changed his voice the way he always does right before he and Mom end up in the room with the bed in it and said "God, I miss you Love!" "I'll be ready for you, as soon as you step of the plane!"

Grandpa raised his eyebrow, and shut the patio door saying "No need for us to be hearing all that love talk, right mate?" Then he scooped me up and headed back to the family room.

I snuggled down on Grandma's lap while she looked at catalogs and put pen marks by items she thought would make good Christmas gifts. Dad played the piano, while Grandpa sent text messages to Aunt Lizzy who was out of down for a gig, and Aunt Victoria who was out of town on business.

The rest of the evening was quiet.....well at least until Dad, Grandpa and I were hit by the wrath of eating bangers and mash.

Grandma looked up from her catalog and said "Who's guffed?"

Dad and Grandpa both looked at me and said "You floating air biscuits over there, Jella?"

Grandma laughed, and told them putting all the blame on me wasn't going to work, and maybe all three of us, should go sit outdoors in the garden for a bit.

The night air was cool, and the sky was filled with those tiny little lights that Mom and Dad love to look at when they take their nightly walks along the beach back home. Dad pulled out his phone to call Mom for the last time before bed, and when she answered he said "The stars are beautiful tonight babe, they remind me of you." "Jella, and I miss you already!" "Hope filming goes well tomorrow!" "I love you so much!"

When Dad hung up, Grandpa smiled, patted him on the shoulder and said "She really is wonderful, that girl of yours!" Dad smiled, nodded, and said "That she is, and I'm the luckiest bloke in the world to have her!" Then Dad picked me up, patted my head, hugged me close and said " I'm lucky to have you to, Jella!"

Dad, Grandpa and I stayed outdoors until the morning sun began to rise. Dad and Grandpa talked about balancing work and family, while I slept on Dad's lap dreaming about possible future adventures. I'm glad I came to London with Dad, and I'm proud to call it my second home.

Until next time,

(**For some things in London they use different words than we do in the United states. I was excited to learn some of them and use them for you in this musing**)

knackered = exhausted / tired
brolly = umbrella
pekish = hungry
over the moon = elated / very happy / excited
ice lolly = Popsicle
naff off = go away
loo = toilet
bangers & mash = sausage & mashed potatoes
guffed = farted
float an air biscuit = fart/ farted/ farting
telly = TV
pub = bar / eatery
= butt


beammeup_00 at 2010-09-24 14:14 (UTC) (Link)


I'm a guy! Quit making me all sappy! Seriously, you are very funny and a very good fan of R&K. These stories have just the right mix of snark and sentimentality.
cupcakecammie at 2010-09-25 17:23 (UTC) (Link)
looooved this! <333 :))
windmuse09 at 2010-09-26 06:00 (UTC) (Link)
A great new entry! And all these british words are different in a cute way. Thanks for the education :))
mindtheraccoons at 2010-09-29 11:18 (UTC) (Link)
LMAO! You rock! I miss Jella. :)
lizdesmond at 2010-10-04 23:50 (UTC) (Link)


I LOVE your blog, can't wait to hear more!!! Please don't stop writing.
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